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Ok so first of all I am very new to this and not sure where to start really.

I am a photographer based in West Wales and enjoy producing black and white landscape imagery using both film and digital cameras.

My intention with this blog is to start off by describing how I go about things in a very general way in the hope that I may have something which is both interesting and informative for you in the future. My workflow has evolved to what it is now over lots of years but is really quite simple.


Overview ( and the subjects of more detailed blogs in the future)

I use a hybrid processing system for film work which includes the use of the zone system , home developing in a bathroom and then home scanning on an Epson flatbed scanner. Digitally, converting a RAW file to Tiff gets me to the same place as the hybrid workflow and in both cases the image is then processed in Photoshop. I use very simple tools in photoshop and generally this is confined to a monotone conversion layer , a curves layer (both global). I then use more local layers ( curves / levels ) to edit large areas of the image. Once complete I use the dodge and burn tools to bring my interpretation into the image. Very simple but very effective. I do not use presets and use a very old version of photoshop (CS3) to produce my images. In effect I try to use and do only what would have been done in the darkroom......although apart from my "developing room" I have never had a proper darkroom!

Thank You for reading this short blog. I am trying to get "subscribing" to work so that you can leave a comment below. Failing that please fill in the form in the top right of the main blog page to recieve updates, or, leave me a comment in the contact section and I will get back to you.


How I ended up with the cameras I currently have

Future - (in no particular order)


Approaching a scene

Processing straight away or leaving it a bit time after shooting

4x5 developing

4x5 scanning

The books that gave me the most powerful insights (review)

The Ashness Bridge story and how I learned to turn the other way


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Jul 23, 2021

Pleased to meet you John (here). You don't need to worry where to start really! Just keep doing what you do, follow your instincts, your dreams, your art. Sooner or later you are gonna achieve what you are looking for and if not, then, worth the journey...

Jul 24, 2021
Replying to

Thank You for your words and your time to respond . Much appreciated !

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